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SubjectRe: Let's make a small change to the process
On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 10:16:08PM +0200, Paolo Ciarrocchi wrote:
> despite I know you are all bored with the " I know how to improve the
> process" email but I want to share with you this idea .-)
> Both Andrew and Linus are doing an impressive job so I really don't
> think we need to change the way they are working.
> What I'm suggesting is start offering 2.6.X:Y kernel, you did for
> so...
> The .Y patchset contains only important security fix (all stuff you
> think are important) and is weekly uploaded to
> Doing that, people:
> - can stop running "personal version of vanilla kernel
> - don't need to wait till next Linus' release in order to have a
> security bug fixed
> We, of course, need a maintainer for it,
> maybe someone from OSDL (Randy?), maybe wli (he maintained his tree
> for a long time), maybe Alan (that is already applying these kind of
> fixes to his tree), maybe someone else... ?
> Sounds reasonable ?

Not normally the first thing I'd volunteer for. I probably won't at
all unless demand comes down from on high.

-- wli
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