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SubjectRe: Temporary NFS problem when rpciod is SIGKILLed
On Monday 25 October 2004 18:20, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >That's the point. It works in 2.4
> Maybe because there is no rpciod in 2.4?

It is there.

> >Well, let's see. 2.4 works. rpciod in 2.6 shows this erratic behaviour
> >even if I do "kill -9 <pid_of_rpciod>", thus no other process, kernel
> >or userspace, know about this KILL.
> Is rpciod (a kthread as I read from your 'ps' output) killable in 2.4 after
> all?

It is not killable, neither 2.4 nor 2.6 one. It is by design I think,
because I *must not* kill it, or else NFS rootfs will fall off
and box will hang.

However, rpciod gets signalled by -KILL as a side effect of killall5 -9
when I shut my system down.

I do not send -KILL to all processes EXCEPT rpciod because:
(a) there is no suitable command to do that from shell and
(b) I don't like special cases

> Maybe the rpciod-26 is missing a sigblock()?

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