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SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
I have been thinking about this aloud on IRC for quite a while, just wishing
someone with the resources would get into the same idea, and now it finally
happened :) Hooray! :)

Timothy Miller Wrote:

>(1) Would the sales volumes of this product be enough to make it worth
>producing (ie. profitable)?

This seems the biggest concern, but I'd say yes. Of course, promotion
besides Word of Mouth would be needed, I guess.

I see it as an issue that you should get them cheap, say almost non-profit,
to companies who sell pre-installed Linux boxes, just to get volume, fame
and name.

>(2) How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Unsure, but looking at the kerneltrap page, it doesn't seem likely it'd
be too expensive. I'd shell out the extra bucks for the cause, and hope
other people would as well.

>(3) How do you feel about the choice of neglecting 3D performance as a
>priority? How important is 3D performance? In what cases is it not?

I do like my 3D. Well, I get by with my current Radeon 9000; it's fast
enough without having to resort to the binary drivers. This is what I
bought it for. If it has any chance of being on-par or a little
better, I'm there to buy it. Even if it wasn't a real upgrade but
a vote of the wallet.

>(4) How much extra would you be willing to pay for excellent 3D performance?

Impossible to say, time would tell, but I would be willing

>(5) What's most important to you, performance, price, or stability?

Freedom ;)
I wouldn't buy a card that wouldn't have the three aforementioned features.
But performance isn't all that critical, I prefer a sharper picture over
a blurry fast one.

Anyway, this also has the chance of catching the eye of an
open-source-friendly angel, which always something to hope for.

What about distribution of this card? "Order from the factory" or
"buy at the store nearest you"?

Well, my two cents.. Best of luck, and I hope this goes through.
It may not beat the shit out of nvidia and ati in the beginning, but
every effort starts small.


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