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    SubjectHugepages demand paging V1 [0/4]: Discussion and overview
    This is a revised edition of the hugetlb demand page patches by
    Kenneth Chen which were discussed in the following thread in August 2004

    The initial post by Ken was in April in

    Hugetlb demand paging has been part of the production release of SuSE SLES
    9 for awhile now (used by such products as Oracle) and this patchset is
    intended to help hugetlb demand paging also get into the official Linux kernel.

    This first version of the patchset is a collection of the patches from the
    above mentioned thread in August. The key unresolved issue in that thread was
    the necessity of using update_cache_mmu after setting up a huge pte.

    update_cache_mmu is intended to update the mmu cache for a PAGESIZE page and
    not for a huge page. The solution adopted here (as already suggested as
    a possible solution in that thread) is to require an extension of
    the semantics of set_huge_pte: set_huge_pte() must also do for huge pages
    what update_cache_mmu does for PAGESIZE pages. For that purpose an additional
    address parameter was added to set_huge_pte() which will conviently break
    any old code. The patch included hopefully already fixes all occurrences
    of set_huge_pte.

    A linux-2.6.9-bk5 kernel with this patchset was build on IA64 and successfully
    tested using a performance test program for hugetlb pages.

    Note that this is the first patchset and is to be seen as discussion basis.
    not as a final patchset. Please review these patches.

    The patchset consists of 4 patches.

    1/4 Demand Paging patch. This is the base and is mostly Ken's original work
    plus a fix that was posted later.

    2/4 set_huge_pte update. This updates the set_huge_pte function for all
    architectures and insures that the arch specific action for
    update_mmu_cache is taken (which may be do nothing for some arches).
    Please verify that this really addresses the issues for each arch
    and that it is complete.

    3/4 Overcommit patch: Mostly the original work by Ken plus a fix that he
    posted later.

    4/4 Numa patch: Work by Raymund Bryant and myself at SGI to make
    the huge page allocator try to allocate local memory instead always
    starting at node zero. This definitely needs to be more sophisticated.

    Patches 1 to 3 must be applied together. The Numa patch is optional.
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