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SubjectMerging DRM and fbdev
I've started on a merged fbdev and DRM driver model. 
It doesn't work yet but here's what the modules look like:

Module Size Used by
fbcon 38080 0
radeon 123598 1
fb 34344 2 fbcon,radeon
drm 59044 1 radeon

fbcon and fb modules are almost unmodified from the kernel source.
radeonfb and radeondrm have been merged into a single driver. The
merged driver uses both the drm and fb modules as libraries. It wasn't
possible to build this model until drm supported drm-core.

The radeon and fb modules will get smaller, I'm just beginning to use
the delete key on them. There is still a lot of duplicated code inside
the radeon driver.

In this model a non-drm, fb only driver like cyber2000 could load only
the fb and fbcon modules. I need to do some work rearranging generic
library support functions to allow this.

This is the next phase in the work described in this email:

Jon Smirl
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