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    SubjectRe: PATCH/RFC: driver model/pmcore wakeup hooks (1/4)
    On Friday 15 October 2004 11:03 pm, Len Brown wrote:
    > > - ACPI (this should probably replace the new /proc/acpi/wakeup)
    > Agreed. That file is a temporary solution.
    > The right solution is for the devices to appear in the right
    > place in the device tree and to hang the wakeup capabilities
    > off of them there.

    So what would that patch need before ACPI could convert to use it?

    I didn't notice any obvious associations between the strings in
    the acpi/wakeup file and anything in sysfs. Which of USB1..USB4
    was which of the three controllers shown by "lspci" (and which
    one was "extra"!), as one head-scratcher.

    For PCI, I'd kind of expect pci_enable_wake() to trigger the
    additional ACPI-specific work to make sure the device can
    actually wake that system. Seems like dev->platform_data
    might need to combine with some platform-specific API hook.

    - Dave
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