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SubjectRe: Hang on x86-64, 2.6.9-rc3-bk4
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
>>>Can we get a sysrq-M dump from that machine please?
>> alas, for the 'hang' case, my during-initscripts console is going to
>> strange place. here's sysrq-m from 2.6.9-rc3-bk4 with the mm/vmscan.c
>> patch reverted (the its-fixed version).
> Is cool - I was wondering if you had the same funny NUMA zone layout. You
> do not.
> So there's some new non-terminating condition in there. It's definitely
> the case that we're still failing to throttle kswapd as we should be doing,
> but I left it as-is due to lack of reported problems (hah) and because the
> fix does cause less reclaim via kswapd and more reclaim via direct reclaim.
> Still. The relevant patches, in order, are at
> vmscan-total_scanned-fix.patch
> revert-vm-no-wild-kswapd.patch
> balance_pgdat-cleanup.patch
> no-wild-kswapd-2.patch
> no-wild-kswapd-kswapd-continue.patch
> I expect the first one will fix this up. Can you confirm?

FWIW, I verified that "vmscan-total_scanned-fix.patch" fixes the hang on
both 2.6.9-rc3-bk4 and 2.6.9-final.


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