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SubjectRe: Running user processes in kernel mode; Java and .NET support in kernel
On Saturday 16 October 2004 15:59, Simon Kissane wrote:
> Hi
> Having posted the below to this list, Denis Vlasenko pointed out to me
> (in an email) that I should have said "user<->kernel" switch, not
> context switch. Yep, my mistake. He argues that is not that big. Of
> course its no where near as big as a context switch. But its still
> something.
> Also, I found a website by someone who had this idea before me (and
> unlike me, actually implemented it!).
> "Kernel Mode Linux" by Toshiyuki Maeda
> Main difference is, that rather thinking in terms of Java or Mono
> support, he is thinking in terms of another system he calls "Typed
> Assembly Language". Same basic idea though...

Nice page. Doubly nice considering that they have working code.

However, it does not mention how much of a speedup they achieved.

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