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SubjectRe: 4level page tables for Linux
Followup to:  <>
By author:
In newsgroup:
> > Numbers for all of them would be easy to deal with.
> > Like this: pd1, pd2, pd3, pd4...
> >
> > I'd number going toward the page, because that's
> > the order in which these things get walked.
> On the other hand, these extensions tend to get made to the top,
> and it's confusing if, in a 2-level system, only pd3 and pd4 are used.
> Perhaps a little-endian scheme (pd1 = pte, pt2=pmd, pd4=pgd) would
> be better after all.

I believe so, for the same reason that littleendian actually makes
more sense for numbers in the long run. It's one of those things
where the "first perception" doesn't match what makes sense in the
long run.

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