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    SubjectRe: Possible GPL Violation of Linux in Amstrad's E3 Videophone
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    Alan Cox wrote:
    | On Sul, 2004-10-10 at 07:35, Brian Litzinger wrote:
    |>At least in New York and California the owner of intellectual
    |>property has to defend his property. Otherwise it becomes
    |>abandoned. (just like real property)

    | This sort of thing thankfully only applies to Americans for copyright,
    | foreigners have more rights in the USA here than US citizens do because
    | of international treaties.

    Well that's pretty typical.

    | Courts in europe at least also take a dim view of ambushing people (in
    | other words sitting on an infringement for a few years to rack up the
    | value).

    What about those who cannot comment on the code, for example people who
    have since died or dropped off the face of the Earth? Out of curiousity,
    if anyone knows what view is held in that situation, I'd love to know.

    This is of course purely academic. The day someone actually convinces
    enough kernel developers to relicense under such terms is the day hell
    freezes over and Darl personally calls each developer to apologise for
    being an ass for the last few years.


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