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    SubjectA BSD-licensed kernel is already available

    It's somewhat strange to read through debates on the supposed offer for
    BSD-licensing the Linux kernel for $$$, for quite some time, with nobody
    noticing that the operation would be totally redundant.

    A Unix-like kernel, ported to many platforms, well written, well
    supported, actively developed, and widely used, is already available
    under this license. You can download it from .

    (FreeBSD and OpenBSD are ported to a less extensive list of platforms,
    thus NetBSD).

    Now if it lacks some driver or feature that is necessary for the
    potential purchaser, the said purchaser will spend the money in a much
    wiser way by contacting the developers of the Linux driver/feature, and
    asking them to port that code to BSD, under the BSD license, for $$$.

    A side effect would be *huge* popularity of the project in the BSD
    community. They've been losing out "the masses" to Linux due to the
    latter's commercial success; and they believe (go ask them!) that the
    BSD general design is actually better than the Linux one. Big commercial
    support for BSD might be seen as a long-awaited revolution, at least by

    This is especially interesting doe to the remark that "some other
    enterprising individual will replicate similiar code". There's your
    similar code under the BSD license. *All*, 100%, of a big, nice, usable

    Yours, Mikhail Ramendik
    REALLY curious why BSD has not popped up in the discussion before...

    P.S. I am neutral on the technical merits of BSD vs. Linux; I use Linux,
    but the sole reason is better distro support.

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