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Subjectio_remap_page_range (was Re: [Alsa-devel] alsa-driver will not compile with kernel 2.6.9-rc2-mm4-S7)
On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 20:34, Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
> Lee Revell wrote:
> Good grief! I'm having this too, and I was desperate thinking I was the
> only one, and ultimately offering the blame to gcc 3.4.1 which is what I'm
> test-driving now on my laptop (Mdk 10.1c).
> Now I remember that -mm4 has some issue about remap_page_range kernel
> symbol being renamed to something else, which is breaking the build of
> outsider modules (i.e. not the ones bundled under the kernel source tree).
> Or so it seems.

Looking through my archives I cannot find a report of this exact issue,
but you are probably right. Looks like ALSA drivers need to be updated.


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