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SubjectRe: PCI memory allocation bug with CONFIG_HIGHMEM
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> At some point, the _correct_ answer may be: don't do complex things, and
> write a bootable floppy (without any OS at all, or a really minimal one)
> to do BIOS rom updates.

ROM chips fall into the linux mtd layer quite cleanly, and they are
just quirky enough they need someplace where lots of eyes look at the
code, and lots of people use the code. And the linux mtd layer
appears to be that place.

I have had enough success in actually using the linux kernel, for
flashing ROMS, it is becoming worth while to actually fix up the
last couple of annoying cases.

Plus I'm close to the point of finding some value in jffs2 and the
other flash filesystems, at which point I will need to use the mtd
layer anyway.

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