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SubjectRe: Any changes in Multicast code between 2.4.20 and 2.4.22/23 ? -> New Info
--- David Stevens <> wrote:
> There were some unwanted side-effects in multicast delivery
> because
> of the source filtering but I'm pretty sure those fixes are in the
> 2.4
> line.

maybe they are not :-)

After some more playing with printk-s and a bit of gross hacking I
think I am up to something.

Please look at the appended patch on top of 2.4.22. It adds some
printk-s and also makes some of the V2 pathes trigger by adding "1 ||"
to some statemens.
With this all of a sudden the external packets to the
group of Ganglia come in again.

Now, what does it mean?

a) IGMP_V2_SEEN does not work as expected ?
b) something with the timer codes is fishy ?
c) whatever ...

Again, hope this helps to shed light on the problem.


Martin Knoblauch
email: k n o b i AT knobisoft DOT de
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