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SubjectRe: [solved] no ALSA sound in 2.6 on Intel 82801CA-ICH3 - OSS works
Alessandro Suardi wrote:
> I'm a bit ashamed about posting this, but I couldn't find anyone with
> a similar problem googling. I admit up front that I'm ALSA-ignorant
> so this could well be a silly configuration issue...

[snipped the /proc/asound details]

And it was; thanks to Gunther Sohler who tipped me the right way I
installed the software I was missing (alsa-lib, alsa-driver and
alsa-tools plus the xmms-alsa plugin), unmuted the audio channels
by means of alsamixer (*the* problem - somehow the channels are
muted by default), set volume for what I use and now xine/xmms
play audio fine.

As a bonus I cleared my mind about a few differences between ALSA
and OSS :)

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth and thanks again,


"Immagina intensamente e vedrai
dove gli altri pensano che non ci sia niente"
(Cristina Dona', "Salti nell'aria")

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