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    SubjectRe: More waitpid issues with CLONE_DETACHED/CLONE_THREAD
    On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 08:38:43PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
    > >
    > > This may be related to the python bug reported today...
    > Indeed.
    > Having a "waitpid(x, .., WNOHANG)" return 0 is a very interesting
    > condition. That condition basically guarantees that:
    > - the kernel did find the child
    > - but the kernel decided that the child cannot be reaped right then.
    > If you see the process as a Zombie in a "ps" listing, then we know that
    > that isn't the reason why it couldn't be reaped. Can you verify that
    > /proc/<pid>/status shows it as "Z (zombie)"?

    Yes, it is a zombie when the waitpid is executed.

    > In fact, if we see it as "Z (zombie)", we know even more: it means that
    > wait_task_zombie() was never called, because that would have started out
    > with changing the process state to "X (dead)".
    > And that in turn implies that "eligible_child()" would have returned 2.
    > Which is a normal occurrence: it happens when a process group leader still
    > has threads attached to it. At that point it may be a Zombie, but we can't
    > reap it yet. The threads have to go away before the thing can be reaped.
    > Can you verify that that process doesn't have any sub-threads? (Again,
    > that should be easily visible in /proc/<pid>/task/).

    It is quite easily visible - in fact, it's hilarious.

    8454 pts/8 Z 0:00 [linux-dp] <defunct>

    drow@nevyn:~% ls /proc/8454
    auxv cmdline cwd@ environ exe@ fd/ maps mem mounts root@ stat

    drow@nevyn:~% ls /proc/8454/task
    ls: /proc/8454/task: No such file or directory

    What that means I'm not entirely sure.

    > Another alternative is that the process is a zombie, but it is being
    > traced. When that happens, it shows up on the "ptrace_children" list, and
    > we'll see in in wait4(), but we won't be able to reap it.

    At this point it is being traced - this is gdbserver. But the same
    process that is tracing it is calling waitpid. And the problem
    persists after the tracer dies; the process above is actually from a
    couple of hours ago, and its tracer was killed.

    > Roland, Ingo - have you followed the discussion on linux-kernel? Something
    > strange does seem to be going on..

    The only two kernels I've tried were 2.6.0-test7 and 2.6.2-rc3, by the
    way - same behavior in both. I'll try to write a single program
    testcase for this.

    Daniel Jacobowitz
    MontaVista Software Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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