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SubjectRe: TG3: very high CPU usage
At 08:15 PM 31/01/2004, JG wrote:
>well, i did a thorough cable test with a DSP-4100 fluke networks cable
>tester and i had some bad values. i've been using 3 cables (24m) with
>adapters, all single cables were fine, so the adapters seemed to cause the
>but i'm now using a longer x-over cable (30m) where i also get those speed
>problems. it is a *bit* better, i get about 1-2MB/s in both directions,
>but i'm also experiencing a very high error rate over the x-over
>cable...(~40-50 errors per second)

if you get ANY errors, then its bad; even 1 error per second basically
means "one lost packet per second", which will severly limit your TCP

one thing you may want to do to is drop the link to 100mbit/s rather than
gig-e; that will use less cable pairs and may avoid the problem.
100mbit/s without errors will likely be way way faster than 1000mbit/s with
50 errors/sec.

>do you have this BACS software and is it possible to test the NIC itself
>with it? maybe one of my NICs is causing this.

it seems there is only a Windows version of their diagnostics.
personally, i use IBM xSeries servers. their version of the BACS code is
at <>.
i've seen other servers (e.g. Compaq DL360?) that also use the BCM57xx;
their BACS tool is rebadged as being a HP tool.




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