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    SubjectRe: PATCH to access old-style FAT fs

    I have attached a newer, better behaving version of my patch:
    * Implements new mount option oldfat for FAT-derived filesystems.
    * Stops scanning dirs when DIR_Name[0] = 0 when oldfat is set
    * Writes a 0 to the next entry DIR_Name[0] when overwriting an entry
    which has DIR_Name[0] = 0 when oldfat is set

    It has been tested with both msdos and vfat filesystems and seems to
    work well (unlike the patch of a few days ago, which had some issues).

    Once you get around to cleaning up the code and making the
    stop-scanning-dirs-on-zero the default way, the patch can be shrunken to
    include only the third item.

    > The above should "goto EODir;". Likewise, another "contiure" of
    > fat_search_long().

    I am not convinced that the goto is always safe, and I am pretty sure
    that it works now (though not as efficient as possible, perhaps), so I
    have left that in place for now.

    > mark_inode_dirty(dir) is not needed, instead of it we should do
    > mark_buffer_dirty(bh).
    > And this fat_get_entry() updates bh and de, but it should be point to
    > allocated bh and de, not free entry. It's needed by msdos_add_entry().

    Both are now implemented using the new fat_write_zero_entry function.

    Thanks for your help,

    Frodo Looijaard <> PGP key and more:
    Defenestration n. (formal or joc.):
    The act of removing Windows from your computer in disgust, usually followed
    by the installation of Linux or some other Unix-like operating system.
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