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    SubjectPS/2 Mouse problems with kernel 2.6.2_rc2
    Hi people,

    I have problems with my ps/2 mouse and keyboard under kernel 2.6.2_rc2.

    Whenever the system is under heavy load, the mouse goes crazy. Also the
    keyboard start dropping characters or responding slow. Waiting with
    keyboad and mouse input for about half a minute sometimes solves the

    dmesg gives the following errors:
    psmouse.c: Mouse at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost synchronization, throwing
    2 bytes away.
    atkbd.c: Keyboard on isa0060/serio0 reports too many keys pressed.

    These messages actually occur more than once.

    I have seen that messages like these occur more than once on the mailing
    list, though in my case putting psmouse_noext to the boot options didn't
    solve the issue.

    This is the hardware used:
    PS/2 mouse. Check one with and one without scrollwheel, same results.
    AMD Athlon 2400+
    512 MB Memory
    1 80 gig IDE harddisk

    Asus A7V333-X motherboard

    Furthermore, some exotic hardware: Medion MD2819 television card.

    It seems that the messages occur when heavy disk activity takes place.
    It looks like the harddisk gets priority over the mouse, causing the
    mouse to drop bytes, but ofcourse this is pure guessing. Anyhow, the
    symptom is that whenever heavy disk activity takes places, the mouse
    responds sluggish at first and later goes totally crazy...

    Does anyone have any clues? For example: am I doing wrong or is it a
    kernel bug ;-)?

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