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SubjectRe: [2.6.1] fbdev console: can't load vga=791 and yes vga=ask!
On 27/01/2004 at 18:59, Xan wrote:

> I did _not_ booted fine. I tried if with vga=795 it booted fine as you and the
> same result as 791 obtained: black screen until X window appears. When I
> switch to pty, black screen or color (and deformed) puzzle of X window
> contain.

In 2.6.1 I could use framebuffer through vesafb just with that parameter
(vga=795, ie. 1280x10224 16M).

In 2.6.2-rc* it does not work for me, just blank screen if I try to use

Zack Winkles pointed me that I could try passing
video=vesafb:ywrap,pmipal,mtrr,vga=795 to get vesafb working.

Thanks for it. Right now I'm on travel and I can not try it, I will be
able to do so on thursday.

> It's rare thing: I could promise that I compiled 2.6.0 with the same
> configuration and it worked.

I did not try 2.6.0 with that radeon 9200 (I didn't have it then).
vesafb stopped working for me in 2.6.2-rc1.

> Can you explain me what means 791, 795, ... and what number belongs to
> 1024x768 and 16 colors, and if 800x600 and 256?...

You can see it in Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt (that file has the numbers
in hexadecimal, and kernel wants the boot parameter in decimal, just
convert it).

Althoug, I would prefer to use radeonfb instead of vesafb (radeonfb
turns off my monitor and vesafb does not).

Anyone with a Radeon 9200 does use radeonfb ? If yes, any special boot

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