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    SubjectRe: Is there a way to keep the 2.6 kjournald from writing to idle disks? (to allow spin-downs)
    Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
    > On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 19:29, Lutz Vieweg wrote:
    >>I run a server that usually doesn't have to do anything on the local filesystems,
    >>it just needs to answer some requests and perform some computations in RAM.
    >>So I use the "hdparm -S 123" parameter setting to keep the (IDE) system disk from
    >>spinning unneccessarily.
    >>Alas, since an upgrade to kernel 2.6 and ext3 filesystem, I cannot find a way to
    >>let the harddisk spin down - I found out that "kjournald" writes a few blocks every
    >>few seconds.
    >>As I wouldn't like to downgrade to ext2: Is there any way to keep the 2.6 kjournald
    >>from writing to idle disks?
    >>I cannot see a good reason why kjournald would write when there are no dirty buffers -
    >>but still it does.
    > Have you tried playing with the laptop-mode patch? It's already in the
    > -mm kernel tree from Andrew Morton. I've been playing with it a little
    > (just a few minutes) and seems keep the disks spun down for some time.

    This "laptop-mode" patch would make things far worse than they're now: Spinning
    up the disk about every 10min would reduce their lifetime significantly instead
    of extending it.

    It's not a laptop, but a server with an ordinary 3.5" harddisk I'm speaking about,
    my goal is not saving power, but spinning down a harddisk that does not need to
    spin up the whole day long.

    What I'm questioning is whether there's a need to write to idle disks at all -
    does anybody know why kjournald writes data even if there is nothing to commit at all?


    Lutz Vieweg

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