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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Cooperative Linux
On 2004-01-26, Nuno Silva <> wrote:
>> Hello fellow developers, kernel hackers, and open source contributors,
>> Cooperative Linux is a port of the Linux kernel which allows it
>> to run cooperatively under other operating systems in ring0 without
>> hardware emulation, based on very minimal changes in the architecture
>> dependent code and almost no changes in functionality.
>> The bottom line is that it allows us to run Linux on an unmodified
>> Windows 2000/XP system in a practical way (the user just launches
> Very nice! Can we run two (or more) instances of Linux at the same time?
> When will you release a linux-as-host patch? :-)

How about a bare bone OS whose sole purpose is to run multiple OS on top
of it? A pure VM OS.

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