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SubjectRe: PPC KGDB changes and some help?
Tom Rini wrote:
> FWIW, this is true of KGDB on all PPCs. IIRC, so long as the serial
> definitions are filled out statically, the stub currently in
> for PPC can do first-line-of-C already.
>>How about changing the code in kgdbstub to allow kgdb to be configured in one
>>of the following ways:
>>Late kgdb - kgdb comes up after smp_init in the kernel boot sequence. kgdb8250
>>can be used with more flexibility through kernel command line options. One
>>can boot a kgdb kernel without activating kgdb. Works with the interface
>>chosen by kernel command line (kgdb8250 and kgdbeth for the moment).
A further thought on this. I think kgdb should take control on oops, panic and
other bad news things. This without being anthing but configured in. Thus the
command line options to set up the interface, etc, should not automatically
connect to gdb.
> Which is basically how it goes now, right?
>>Early kgdb - kgdb comes up right at the begining of start_kernel at the cost
>>of flexibility. It doesn't show any messages such as "waiting for gdb".

I question the utility of ever using this message. Either the user has asked
for the connection, either via a ^C or the command line or a breakpoint was hit.
If he asked, why tell him? If it is a breakpoint, it is foolish and dangerous
to call any outside function, such as printk.

George Anzinger
Preemption patch:

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