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    SubjectRe: More cleanups for swsusp
    Rusty Russell <> wrote:
    > In message <> you write:
    > > - if (fill_suspend_header(&cur->sh))
    > > - panic("\nOut of memory while writing header");
    > > + BUG_ON (fill_suspend_header(&cur->sh));
    > ...
    > 3) BUG_ON(complex condition expression) is much less clear than:
    > if (complex condition expression)
    > BUG();

    Worse. If some smarty goes and makes BUG_ON a no-op (for space reasons),
    it will break software suspend. We should ensure that the expression which
    is supplied to BUG_ON() never has side-effects for this reason.

    I'll drop that chunk.

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