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SubjectRe: ALSA vs. OSS
On 19-Jan-04, Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> > So, what are the reasons for ALSA to become "default" in 2.6?
> > I know it gives somekind of nice features, but ALSA didn't let me to
> > open two sound sources (like XMMS and Quake3) at the same time, so I
> > guess it is not really done yet, or is it?
> We don't do this in kernel. We implemented the direct stream mixing in our
> library (userspace). If your applications already uses ALSA APIs or if you
> redirect the OSS ioctls to ALSA library (our aoss library), you can enjoy
How can this be done? Just by creating symlinks?

> multiple sounds.
> Of course, using hardware which can do the hardware mixing is still
Oh, so ALSA does not use the hardware mixing capabilities of the

Will this be possible sometime?

> better. It's the same difference like between sw 3D rendering and hw 3D
> rendering.
> Jaroslav

Olaf Dabrunz (od / odabrunz), SUSE Linux AG, Nürnberg

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