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SubjectRe: page allocation failure
Oliver Kiddle <> wrote:
> There seems to be a problem with 2.6.1 on my machine. It will be fine
> for a matter of a few days and then this error will appear on the
> console. The message then appears repeatedly and continuously. The
> first I know is that my remote login shell ceases to respond. About the
> only thing I can do is switch between virtual consoles (until I hit the
> reset button).
> /var/log/messages shows:
> kernel: cat: page allocation failure. order:0, mode:0x20
> Then the same for lots of other processes (pdflush, syslogd, klogd,
> kswapd0, nfsd to name a few). I expect that after a point it is unable
> to even log stuff so syslog is quiet after a while.
> It has happened three times now and on all occasions, I was untarring a
> huge file on an XFS partition. I assume the problem is something to do
> with VM. The machine has 1GB of RAM which should be plenty. For the
> most part it is just serving NFS and NIS (to no more than about 10
> clients).

Does the machine actually recover, or does it grind to a halt and need

Is there much network receive happening at the time?

Are you using gig-E with large MTU's?

> If anyone can suggest any /proc variables I might change to reduce the
> risk of it doing this again, I would appreciate it. I tried increasing
> /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes after the first time this happened. Not
> that I understand what that does: I searched the archives and it was
> mentioned in a vaguely relevant looking post.

Yup, min_free_kbytes is the right thing to increase. Try it again, perhaps
increasing it by more - to 10000 or something like that.

min_free_kbytes will increase the amount of memory which the VM keeps in
reserve to satisfy interrupt-time memory allocation attempts - most
especially network receive.

You probably should apply this patch to tell us where the allocation
failures are coming from. Make sure that CONFIG_KALLSYMS is enabled in
kernel config.

diff -puN mm/page_alloc.c~a mm/page_alloc.c
--- 25/mm/page_alloc.c~a Mon Jan 19 19:34:09 2004
+++ 25-akpm/mm/page_alloc.c Mon Jan 19 19:34:21 2004
@@ -674,6 +674,7 @@ nopage:
printk("%s: page allocation failure."
" order:%d, mode:0x%x\n",
p->comm, order, gfp_mask);
+ dump_stack();
return NULL;

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