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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add CRC32C chksums to crypto routines
On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Clay Haapala wrote:

> In other email, Matt Mackall suggested a slightly different
> integration with the kernel that would allow more general usage of the
> CRC32C. His suggestion was to put the implementation under /lib, next
> to the crc32 routines, and make the crypto routine a wrapper that calls
> it. Selecting the CRYPTO_CRC32C module would SELECT the lib CRC32C
> module, in other words.
> The benefit of this would be to allow easy usage by other routines
> (with no premption side-affects, a concern Matt has) while still being
> there for routines that process scatterlist. And the table/code is
> still in one place.
> Patch to follow in a day or two, after I can test it. Implementation
> was simple.

Sounds good -- the inflate/deflate algorithms do this as well.

- James
James Morris

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