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    SubjectLinux 2.4.25-pre6


    Here goes -pre6.

    This release came out so quickly because -pre5 contains a deadly mistake
    in one of the fs patches.

    It contains SPARC/x86-64 updates, networking and crypto updates, amongst

    Summary of changes from v2.4.25-pre5 to v2.4.25-pre6

    o [CRYPTO]: Clean up tcrypt module and allow it to be unloaded

    o [CRYPTO]: Add CAST6 (CAST-256) algorithm

    o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre6

    o [CRYPTO]: Move ivsize from algorithm to tfm

    Andi Kleen:
    o x86-64 update

    Chas Williams:
    o [ATM]: br2684 incorrectly handles frames recvd with FCS (by Alex Zeffertt <>)
    o [ATM]: [nicstar] convert to new style pci module (by "Jorge Boncompte [DTI2]" <>)
    o [ATM]: better behavior for sendmsg/recvmsg during async closes
    o [ATM]: refcount atm sockets

    David S. Miller:
    o [SPARC64]: In early bootup, BUG() if cannot find TLB entry for remapping
    o [SPARC64]: Disable PCI ROM address OBP sanity check for now
    o [IPV4]: Print correct source addr in invalid ICMP msgs, from Dennis Jorgensen

    David Stevens:
    o [IPV4/IPV6]: In MLD, add new filter first, then delete old one

    David Woodhouse:
    o Do not leave inodes with stale waitqueue on slab cache

    Harald Welte:
    o [NETFILTER]: Add config help texts for IP_NF_ARP{TABLES,FILTER}

    Jean Tourrilhes:
    o NSC '39x support
    o VIA IrDA driver

    Kurt Garloff:
    o [NETFILTER]: Align nulldevname properly in ip_tables

    Marcel Holtmann:
    o [Bluetooth] Use R2 for default value of pscan_rep_mode
    o [Bluetooth] Set disconnect timer for incoming ACL links
    o [Bluetooth] Start inquiry if cache is empty
    o [Bluetooth] Change maintainer role of the Bluetooth subsystem

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