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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add CRC32C chksums to crypto routines
    On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 03:31:10PM -0600, Clay Haapala wrote:
    > This patch against 2.6.1 adds CRC32C checksumming capabilities to the
    > crypto routines. The structure of it is based wholly on the existing
    > digest (md5) routines, the main difference being that chksums are
    > often used in an "accumulator" fashion, effectively requiring one to
    > set the seed, and the digest algorithms don't do that.
    > CRC32C is a 32-bit CRC variant used by the iSCSI protocol and in other
    > drivers. iSCSI uses scatterlists, so it was strongly suggested by the
    > SCSI maintainers during reviews of Version 4 of the linux-iscsi driver
    > that the code be added to the crypto routines, which operate on
    > scatterlists.
    > Test routines have been added to tcrypt.c.
    > The linux-iscsi project can be found on SourceForge:


    The cryptoapi stuff seems sensible, but we've already got at least one
    copy of the core crc32c code in the kernel at net/sctp/crc32c.c. It'd
    be better to work with the sctp folks to push this into lib/crc32.c.
    Handling multiple polynomials shouldn't be too painful there.

    Matt Mackall : : Linux development and consulting
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