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SubjectRe: Serial ATA (SATA) for Linux status report
Hello all,

Am Don, 2004-01-15 um 01.08 schrieb Erik Steffl:
> Raphael Rigo wrote:
> ...<ICH5problems snipped>...
> > One possible workaround it to enable both PATA and SATA drivers (using
> > libata) and pass "ide2=noprobe ide3=noprobe" to kernel at boot.
> > More detailled answer can be found here :
> >
> I have pretty much the same setup he recommends in UPDATE except of
> the "ide2=noprobe ide3=noprobe" kernel boot options, not sure why would
> that be needed but my system (interl D865PERL, cd burner, ide and sata
> disks) works OK without it.

The "Update" section describes the setup which - after *weeks* of
frustrating trail-and-error - managed to get things going.

Notice the unusual BIOS setting (Enhanced Mode - SATA only) which did
the trick and enabled PATA *and* SATA.
You may want to try that if you haven't already.

The ideN=noprobe my indeed not be necessary . It was recommended by Jeff
Garzik to me at some time IIRC. Kernel 2.6 does *not* need the noprobe
stuff AFAICT.

FWIW my P4P800 Deluxe is working flawlessly with 4 P-ATA devices (2 HDs,
a ZIP100 and a 48x Burner) and one SATA 160Gb HD.

I'm using 2.4.22-bk36 with matching libata patch so i'd think that any
kernel 2.4.23+ will do the trick.

HTH and GL

Matthias Hentges
Cologne / Germany

[] -> PGP welcome, HTML tolerated
ICQ: 97 26 97 4 -> No files, no URL's

My OS: Debian Woody. Geek by Nature, Linux by Choice

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