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    SubjectRe: 2.6.1-mm2
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > "Prakash K. Cheemplavam" <> wrote:
    >>mm2 (or even mm1 or even vanilla, have not tested (long enough)) locks
    >>hard on my and someone else' machine. Sometimes we get this line in our
    >>logs before the lock happens:
    >>kernel: Badness in pci_find_subsys at drivers/pci/search.c:132
    >>Any ideas? Or do you need detailed kernel config and dmesg? I thought
    >>you might have an idea which atch caused this... My and his system are
    >>quite differnt. Major Common element seems only use of Athlon XP. He has
    >>VIA KT based system and I have nforce2. I thought it might be APIC, but
    >>I also got a lock up without APIC. (Though it seems more stable without
    > If you could send us the stack backtrace that would help. Make sure that
    > you have CONFIG_KALLSYMS enabled. If you have to type it by hand, just the
    > symbol names will suffice - leave out the hex numbers.

    Sorry, I am a noob about such things. Above option is enabled in my
    config, but I dunno how get the stack backtrace. Could you point to me
    to something helpful?
    BTW, today the kernel didn't lock up. (But I didn't have the machine on
    the whole day.) Perhaps it will when I put in APIC again. Was anything
    changed there recently?

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