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SubjectRe: Slow NFS performance over wireless!
På må , 12/01/2004 klokka 20:55, skreiv Roman Gaufman:
> I have searched all over the nfs, enabled higher caching on nfs, enabled the
> usage of tcp, tried to pass hard, but transfer rates very poor, and only for
> nfs transfer, so it doesn't seem my network configurations are wrong as scp,
> html, ftp seem to work on full speed.

You should definitely enable TCP in this case.

Most likely causes: you may have a problem with echos on your wireless,
or you may have a faulty driver for your NIC.

Try looking at 'netstat -s' on both the server and the client. Monitor
the number of TCP segments sent out, number retransmitted, and number of
segments received on both ends of the connection while doing a set of
writes, then do the same for a set of reads.

Also try monitoring the wireless rates (iwlist <interface> rate), and
quality of link (iwlist <interface> ap) while this is going on. Note: if
your driver doesn't support iwlist, then just typing 'iwconfig
<interface>' might also give you these numbers.

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