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SubjectRe: High Quality Random sources, was: Re: SecuriKey
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On Sunday 11 January 2004 7:39 pm, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Impossible? I think not. Some "mechanical" devices do exhibit true
> random capability, especially when enhanced by algorithmic means.
> To wit:
> Let me know if you can prove their methods don't provide a true "high
> quality" random source.
> I'd like to see their code as a module with an automatic test to make
> sure that the random source is high quality. In this case, that would
> mean making sure that the cap was not off the camera.
> sdw
just because it passes tests of entropy and probability doesn't make it
random. it just gets really really close. [hence pseudo-random]
Everybody knows that /dev/random isn't truly random (it's still a state
machine, dependent on a hash algorithm [chosen b/c they can take a
non-random source and make it 'LOOK' random], and you feed it with data
that is not totally predictable. BUT, there are still enough ways to
exploit it if you can control/influence the input). it just can pass
enough tests so that it can be used.

and that still doesn't answer the question of how one would use [such a
device] to 'generate a one time pad'. a one time pad must be possessed by
both parties that are communicating. and if you have a secure channel to
transmit an OTP, then you have one that can carry a message as well (most
commonly, an OTP is used with a time delay. there is a single time when a
secure channel is available. one [or both] of the parties brings it with
him/her when he/she travels.

so i'd believe that mebbe this Securikey could hold one... but, any USB
key-fob type device can.

I'm sure that someone else can be more knowledgeable on this than I, but
the general theory holds fast.

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