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SubjectRe: [discuss] Re: kgdb for x86_64 2.6 kernels

> I have released kgdb 2.0.1 for kernel 2.6.1:
> It doesn't contain any assert stuff. I have split it into multiple parts to
> make a merge easier. Please let me know if you want me to further split them
> or if you want something to be changed. The README file from this tarball is
> pasted below.
> Here is two possible starting points:
> 1. SMP stuff -> Replace my old smp and nmi handling code.
> 2. Early boot -> Change 8250.patch to make configuration of serial port either
> through config options or through command line.
> I'll attempt reading your patch and merging as much stuff as possible.
> Thanks.
> Patch:
> ------
> Patch the kernel out of following patches.
> core.patch - KGDB architecture and interface independent code. Required.
> i386.patch - i386 architecture dependent part. Required only for that
> architecture.
> x86_64.patch - x86_64 architecture dependent part. Required only for that
> architecture.
> 8250.patch - Generic serial port (8250 and 16550) interface for kgdb. This
> is the only working interface in this release. Hence required.
> eth.patch - Ethernet interface for kgdb. This is still under development.
> Use only if you plan to contribute to its development.

It worked in 2.6something-mm. I'll try to take a look at this one; the
code is way better than -mm version. Hopefully getting kgdbeth to work
will not be that hard.
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