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SubjectRe: File change notification
Hi Rudi,

Am Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2003 17:42 schrieb Rüdiger Klaehn:
> I wrote some experimental mechanism yesterday. Whenever a file is
> accessed or changed, I write all easily available information to a ring
> buffer which is presented to user space as a device. The information
> that is easily available is the inode number of the file or directory
> that has changed, the inode number of the directory in which the change
> took place, and in most cases the name of the dentry of the file that
> has changed.

I'm also interested in receiving file change notifications, especially
as I would like to get this working for Samba in a sane way.

However I don't think your approach would help me much. I simply don't
want to get every file being changed on the whole machine getting
reported to me.
I don't want to look up the inode every time, just to know if it belongs
to a directory I'm interested in.

Actually I *like* dnotify being local to a given directory and having
a fd so I know where the signal I receive belongs to.

So my selfish reasoning makes me want either
- dnotify being able to pass some more information if requested
(I actually tried this and it basically works, it is just too
crappy to post here)
- make poll()/epoll() work for file/directory access

So much for what I want :-)


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