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SubjectRe: [rfc/patch] wake_up_info() draft ...
Hi Davide,

I think the patch adds unnecessary bloat, and mandates one particular
use of the wait queue info interface.
For example, why does remove_wait_queue_info copy the wakeup info
around? That's now how I would use it for fasync: I would send the
necessary signals directly from the wakeup handler, and
remove_wait_queue_info is called during sys_close handling, info discarded.

I'm thinking about a simpler approach: add a wake_up_info() function,
and forward the info parameter to the wait_queue_func_t. This means
changing the prototype of this function - there shouldn't be that many
instances. NULL is passed if the normal wake_up functions are used. No
additional fields in the wait queue entry are required. Then I would
convert kill_fasync to that interface, with the band value from
kill_fasync as the info parameter. A custom wait queue func does the
signal sending. fasync_helper would be kmalloc+add_wait_queue.


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