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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix SMP support on 3c527 net driver, take 2


    Just had a quick look at it. A couple of thoughts:

    * mc32_interrupt doesn't acquire the spinlock, rendering the critical
    sections un-exclusive on SMP.

    * sleep_on's remain in mc32_halt_transceiver and mc32_close. I think this
    could lead to deadlock on UP --- eg. thread sleeps with spinlock held,
    subsequent interrupt then waits in vain. Might be less deadly on SMP?
    (are interrupt handlers reentrant on SMP?)

    * Just noticed an old error in mc32_close --- sleep_on is called in
    without first disabling interrupts.

    I've had a go at testing it, but ran into troubles with the ibmmca.c
    driver carking on an uninitialised spinlock. Hopefully, I'll find some
    quality time in the weekend to get things going.


    On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Felipe W Damasio wrote:

    > Hi Richard,
    > Please try this patch instead.
    > This one holds the device lock before doing "finish_wait", which
    > seems to be the Right Way to do it.
    > Thanks.
    > Felipe

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