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SubjectRe: Complaint: Wacom driver in 2.6
[disclaimer: I am not a kernel developer!]
On Tuesday 30 Sep 2003 07:59, Simon Ask Ulsnes <> wrote:
> Thanks for replying.
> You aren't even using the wacom driver!

I _am_ using the wacom driver. I'm just using the wacom kernel driver rather
than the XFree86 wacom driver.

> Mine works too in that way (I think it is some kind of regular PS/2 mouse
> emulation or so).

I think it goes something like this: the kernel wacom driver now interprets
wacom packets into standard kernel mouse input. See drivers/usb/input/
wacom.c for that: it's the wacom_graphire_irq() function that's doing it for
us both. Then /dev/mice gathers the input from all sources like this and
presents them as a single ps/2-style mouse interface. I _think_ this is
done in mousedev.c, but I haven't really looked into it. Someone feel free
to correct me!

On my machine, the result is that events from both my Wacom and my old PS/2
style mouse are seamlessly merged into /dev/mice, so that's all X needs to
consider, and I could use them both at once if I wanted. Not that useful to
me, in fact, and the PS/2 mouse is only connected for those rare occasions
when I boot into some ancient program from a DOS floppy, but hey...

I think, if you want to get the XFree86 driver working, you can't use /dev/
mice as well (otherwise, for example, when using the pen, your X mouse will
get events from both /dev/mice, as the kernel translates the pen movements
into /dev/mice events, _and_ from the Wacom driver interpreting the same
input event stream.

> Come to think of it, maybe the problem lies in the XFree86 driver, which I
> suppose isn't really compatible with the new kernel. Well, whatayaknow...
> ;-)

I think that may be your problem. I don't know whether the standard event
interface has changed at all recently. I haven't found any need for the
extra tablet features yet that would need me to look into the XFree driver
thoroughly (one thing I do remember, though, is that the last time I looked,
you needed to remove the mouse from the pad and drop it back down again
before the driver started working -- did you try that, or were you seeing
weird results rather than no results at all?)

Anyway. It's quite possible that as 2.6 starts "getting about a bit", the
XFree86 driver will be naturally updated to cope with it. I don't know what
the current status of the driver is. The project homepage is here: ...but I'm guessing
you'd already found that.

Good luck!


"It's the small gaps between the rain that count,
and learning how to live amongst them."
-- Jeff Noon
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