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    SubjectRe: Scaling noise
    >> That's where I disagree - it's much easier for the USER because an SSI
    >> cluster works out all the load balancing shit for itself, instead of
    >> pushing the problem out to userspace. It's much harder for the KERNEL
    >> programmer, sure ... but we're smart ;-) And I'd rather solve it once,
    >> properly, in the right place where all the right data is about all
    >> the apps running on the system, and the data about the machine hardware.
    > This is only truly feasible when the nodes are homogeneous. They will
    > not be as there will be physical locality (esp. bits like device
    > proximity) concerns.

    Same problem as a traditonal set up of a NUMA system - the scheduler
    needs to try to move the process closer to the resources it's using.

    > It's vaguely possible some kind of punting out
    > of the kernel of the solutions to these concerns is possible, but upon
    > the assumption it will appear, we descend further toward science fiction.

    Nah, punting to userspace is crap - they have no more ability to solve
    this than we do on any sort of dynamic worseload, and in most cases,
    much worse - they don't have the information that the kernel has available,
    at least not on a timely basis. The scheduler belongs in the kernel,
    where it can balance decisions across all of userspace, and we have
    all the info we need rapidly and efficiently available.

    > Some of these proposals also beg the question of "who's going to write
    > the rest of the hypervisor supporting this stuff?", which is ominous.

    Yeah, it needs lots of hard work by bright people. It's not easy.


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