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Subject[patch] updated exec-shield patch, 2.4/2.6 -G3

in the recent boom of buffer-overflow bugs in various open-source packages
i got lots of requests for exec-shield being ported to various popular
kernel trees. Here's the latest update of exec-shield:

against vanilla 2.6.0-test5:

against vanilla 2.4.22:

against 2.4.22-ac + NPTL:

[ ]

Changes in this exec-shield version:

- more refined support for PIE binaries (Position Independent Executables
- a feature of latest binutils)

- complete randomization of the whole address space [except the static
binary mappings for non-PIE binaries]. Randomized executable mappings,
heap, data mappings, stack, env/argv/aux spaces. With PIE binaries
there's not a single constant address left.

- ability to turn off exec-shield without changing the binary.
(try 'setarch i386 /bin/cat /proc/self/maps'.)

- various compatibility features and fixes.

- randomization can be turned off via /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield-randomize.

valid /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield levels are:

= 0 exec-shield disabled
= 1 exec-shield on PT_GNU_STACK executables [ie. binaries compiled
with newest gcc]
= 2 (default) exec-shield on all executables

value 1 is recommended with glibc and gcc versions that support
PT_GNU_STACK all across the spectrum. (Fedora Core test2 [released
yesterday] includes all of this and all applications were recompiled to
have valid PT_GNU_STACK settings.) On other systems the value of '2' is
recommended, use setarch for those binaries that cannot take exec-shield
[eg. Loki games].

reports, comments welcome. Enjoy it,

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