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Subjectiptables kernel

I have problems with iptables and openmosix system. The kernel is halted
when I write DENY by default in INPUT keys. This machine boot from net
and have root in other coputer..

What is the solution ? ( and problem:( )

My kernel 2.4.20 - with openmosix patch
(same problem if don't work with openmosix patch)

Can this kernel work with DENY politic boot first from net ?


> Kills those virus spams to 100% with 0% false positives so far.
> Problem solved, EOT.

I build an automatic system. This read mails from any folder of my
client, update a list with bad ip's (spamers) and update firewall with
new ips. Now the attack to my system is very small. I have more of 1000
senders checked ;)

Thanks to all !

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