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SubjectRe: log-buf-len dynamic

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> I wasn't whining about BK at all, nor about the licence, I just
> advertized the open links in my signature, the word "refuse" may be not
> a nice one, I didn't feel to be rude when I wrote it, now I changed it
> and I hope it's a more friendly wording, though the meaning it's the
> same.

Andrea, be honest.

This latest thing didn't start with just the signature. In fact, the
signature flame-war I berated Larry for - ask Larry. I told him he
shouldn't let himself be goaded.

This one started with you very much making the whole point of your whole
post be a complaint about the license:

"if Marcelo would be using open source code to exports the patchsets in
his tree, we could fix it to add the email address along the name in the
checkin logs metadata, to avoid this sort of mistakes."

That quote is not just some small snippet: it is the _entirety_ of new
material in the whole post.

You are whining. You did nothing _but_ whine in the post. About other
peoples choice of license usage.

> I only said I'm not applying to the licence and _you_ have to respect
> my _right_ not to use the software and to advertize the _open_ links,
> without seeing it as an offensive thing.

(a) It wasn't all you said
(b) I can, and do, get offended by postings to public non-religious lists
that have no redeeming value except to push your religious views.

I despise people who come up to me in the street (or even worse - ring the
doorbell on my house) to tell me about Jesus, and how they found happiness
in him.

Good for you and your buddy Jesus/buddha/Moses/AlienFromAnotherPlanet. But
get the _hell_ out of my face. If I come to your church to listen to your
sermons, that's when I'll respect your right to tell me. But if you stand
up with a megaphone in the park when I'm having a picknick, I'd much
rather kick your sorry ass the h*ll out of there.

So go to gnu.misc.discuss if you want to discuss the immorality of
licenses. There you'll find people who care. linux-kernel is about
technical discussions about the kernel, and yes IT IS OFFENSIVE to push
religion here.

It's also offensive to have comments about abortion or guns in your
signature. For exactly the same reason (and btw, I complained to esr when
he had his gun-control signature, so I'm not just making these up).

Do you see?

Now can we get back to complaining about the scheduler behaviour and xmms?



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