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SubjectRE: SiI3112: problemes with shared interrupt line?
On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 21:42, Allen Martin wrote:

> There are two issues I know about:
> 1) Earlier versions of the Asus BIOS would program incorrect timing in the
> nForce internal P2P bridge, causing failures with SI3112 under high disk
> activity. This is fixed in rev 1005 of their BIOS or later.

I am running the latest (1006, I think) ASUS (this is a ASUS A7
something Deluxe motherboard) BIOS revision.

> 2) PCI interrupts getting put into edge triggered mode when ACPI/APIC are
> enabled. Andrew de Quincey said this should be fixed in 2.4.22, but I
> haven't tested it myself (I have ACPI disabled on all my test systems). I
> did verify his patch on 2.6 when he first posted it, and it works.

I've tried disabeling APIC - it did not help.

I'll try 2.6.something tomorrow.

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