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Subject[PATCH 2.6.x] additional kernel event notifications

We request that the following patch for additional kernel event
notifications be included in the upcoming 2.6.x kernel.

The current profiling hooks provide notifications at the end of a task's
lifetime (i.e., task exit, mmap exit, and exec unmap). We would like to
have additional notifications on the start of a task (i.e., fork,
execve, kernel image loads, and user image loads).

We believe that profiling tools such as Oprofile, Perfmon, and VTune
would benefit from the additional hooks by improving the accuracy and
completeness of the performance data, especially when working in
environments that can dynamically create and destroy executable code
(such as Java). Furthermore, these hooks could be used to measure
different types of performance data (e.g., "forks per second") which are
currently not available any other way.

Our patch follows the conventions used by the current profiling hooks,
and is relatively small.

We would appreciate comments/feedback on our proposal.


Juan Villacis
Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, CA 95052

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