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    SubjectRe: usb-storage: how to ruin your hardware(?)

    But it's always possible to repair
    > > such a drive with the vendor supplied formating utility, which is windows

    by the way ... this is wrong. as it turned out later, it was not possible
    to repair the usb-flashdisk-utility from the vendor. in w2k, it will
    appears as "unknown security device" with a big yellow question mark.
    so if you want to ruin your stick, proceed as follows:
    - fdisk /dev/sd?
    - go to expert menu
    - set numer of cyls twice as high
    - go back to normal menu
    - make partition of full size with new cyl.count

    happy mke2fsing ;-)

    after rebooting (machine will be in unusable state), the device wont be recognized
    as usb-storage device. reason: the number of usb-endpoints suddenly dropped to 0 (zero).
    I don't know if every stick acts this way .. but the Panram one does definitely.

    all right then. end of thread ...

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