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SubjectRe: [1/4] [2.6 patch] better i386 CPU selection
Quoting Adrian Bunk (
> [...]
> - help text changes/updates
> [...]
> -config M686
> +config CPU_686
> bool "Pentium-Pro"
> help
> - Select this for Intel Pentium Pro chips. This enables the use of
> - Pentium Pro extended instructions, and disables the init-time guard
> - against the f00f bug found in earlier Pentiums.
> + Select this for Intel Pentium Pro chips.
> [ example left]

Hi Adrian

Is there a valid reason why you removed most of the
descriptions ? I think a bit of a background on the
CPU selections is helpful and interesting, especially
for newcommers. You've cut it down so far, that you
could also put there "Read Variable Name" or
"No help available" instead.

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