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Subject2.6.0-test5 vs. modem cards
When inserting a modem card, 2.6.0-test5 continues to have problems which
earlier 2.6.0-test versions had, which can be solved by booting 2.4.19.

In file 8250_cs.c:
Line 61, identifies itself as "serial_cs.c" instead of "8250_cs.c".
Line 119 identifies itself as "serial_cs" instead of "8250_cs".
My partial understanding of Linux PCMCIA operations yields a guess that line
119 is part of the cause for failure during execution, whereas line 61 only
potentially confuses future maintainers.

Later in the same source file, calls to register_serial() and
unregister_serial() compile but fail during execution. Of course in order
to make it execute in the first place I have to manually modprobe 8250_cs,
because of the reason mentioned above. /var/log/messages gets reports that
those symbols are unknown.

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