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    SubjectLinux 2.4.23-pre4


    Here goes -pre4, which contains networking update, IA64 update, PPC
    update, USB update, bunch of knfsd fixes, amongst others.

    And finally merge most important part of -aa VM. Those changes are fixing
    some OOM deadlocks, give us better per-zone balancing and better
    reclaiming. The OOM killer has been removed.

    I've been using it on my 256MB desktop: performance feels much better, but
    it needs extensive testing, so please help.

    Summary of changes from v2.4.23-pre3 to v2.4.23-pre4

    o ia64: IA-32 compatibility patch: FP denormal handling

    o ia64: Correct NR_CPUS/cpu_online test order in CMC/CPE polling

    o ia64: Remove partial semtimedop32 stuff from upstream
    o ia64: Merge to newer ACPI CA
    o ia64: sys_ia32.c needs linux/quotacompat.h
    o ia64: tlb.c whitespace cleanup to follow 2.5
    o ia64: make cpu_relax() a barrier to be consistent with 2.5
    o ia64: kernel/acpi.c: Whitespace changes to follow 2.5
    o ia64: MCA: pass GP *physical address* to SAL
    o ia64: minor bugfixes and whitespace cleanup to follow 2.5
    o ia64: MCA: Find correct offset of OEM data (from Keith Owens)
    o ia64: sal.h: Backport spelling and other trivial changes from 2.5
    o ia64: Comment changes to fix "correctable" usage
    o ia64: Fix check for binutils that supports "hint" instructions
    o ia64: Update configs for upstream changes
    o ia64: Use ARRAY_SIZE(), fix formatting, remove static initializers to zero
    o ia64 unwind: (unw_access_ar): initialize struct pt_regs *pt before using it to get AR_CSD & AR_SSD
    o ia64: Update defconfig to new generic config
    o ia64: initialize bootmem early for acpi_table_init()
    o ia64: Use $(CC), not $(AS), when checking for "hint @pause" support in binutils
    o ia64: Clarify ACPI available_cpus handling
    o ia64: TRIVIAL: Remove extraneous '`'
    o ia64: minstate.h: whitespace changes to reduce diffs with 2.5
    o ia64: Fix minstate comments
    o ia64: fix SAVE_RESET so OS INIT handler works again
    o ia64: Remove AIC7XXX driver from ski defconfig
    o 2.4 HCDP early printk support

    o [ATM]: In atm_getaddr() do not copy_to_user() with locks held

    o Implement LCD display support in atyfb driver

    o fix current->user->processes leak in reparent_to_init()

    o ia64: 9/3/2003 SGI update

    o [CRYPTO]: Add alg. type to /proc/crypto output

    o unusual_devs.h entry

    o [BRIDGE]: kfree --> kfree_skb

    o Mehmet Ceyran/Alan Cox: Longer i810_audio.c retries
    o aa VM merge: Per-zone watermark changes, add lower_zone_reserve_ratio
    o aa VM merge: page reclaiming logic changes: Kills oom killer
    o aa VM merge: Page accounting helpers changes
    o aa VM merge: tunables
    o aa VM merge: Kill PF_MEMDIE
    o aa VM merge: Fixup page reclaiming changes patch
    o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre4
    o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030912113656|10550

    o smpboot.c, acpi.c

    Alan Cox:
    o Fix ymfpci oops

    Alex Williamson:
    o ia64: Use PAL_HALT_LIGHT in cpu_idle
    o ia64: New CMC/CPE polling
    o ia64: Update to CMC/CPE polling

    Arjan van de Ven:
    o LSB compliance fix in mprotect

    Arun Sharma:
    o ia64: translate F_GETLK64/F_SETLK64 to F_GETLK/F_SETLK
    o ia64: fix memory leak in sys32_execve path

    Chas Williams:
    o [ATM]: If clip isn't a module don't __MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT()
    o [ATM]: #define'ing pci_pool_create() breaks CONFIG_MODVERSION
    o [ATM]: Backport lane/mpoa module locking cleanup from 2.6.x

    David Mosberger:
    o ia64: handle_fpu_swa() scaling fix
    o ia64: Backtraces of all processes on INIT, warning cleanup

    Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    o USB: fix data toggle problem for pl2303 driver
    o USB: update usb-serial.h with spelling fixes and get and set functions
    o USB: backport some pl2303 B0 fixes
    o USB: fix oops when yanking a usb-serial device from the system with the port still opened
    o USB: fix copy_from_user call in acm.c
    o USB: fix copy_from_user call in aiptek.c
    o USB: fix copy_to_user call in uhci-debug.h
    o USB: fix copy_to_user call in mdc800 driver
    o USB: remove duplicated copy_from_user call in stv680 driver
    o USB: fix copy_to_user calls in vicam driver

    Harald Welte:
    o [NETFILTER]: NAT range calculation fix

    Jack Steiner:
    o ia64: discontig/NUMA support
    o ia64: Add ia64_imva() and a few more ia64_tpa() uses
    o ia64: add support for non-identity mapped kernels
    o ia64: remove some SN1 remnants, add a bit more SN2 support

    Jean Tourrilhes:
    o wireless extension update: 802.11a/802.11g fixes

    Jens Axboe:
    o Add NEC iStorage to SCSI blacklist

    Keith M. Wesolowski:
    o [SPARC32]: Ignore btfixups in .text.exit

    Keith Owens:
    o ia64: Clean up several warnings (no functional change)
    o ia64: Correct typo in UNW_DPRINT() call
    o ia64: Fix more UNW_DPRINT() typos
    o ia64: Delete some generated ia64 files that were being left by make mrproper

    Marc-Christian Petersen:
    o Fixup 'make xconfig' problem caused by fetchop change

    Martin Hicks:
    o ia64: max user stack size of main thread configurable via RLIMIT_STACK

    Matthew Wilcox:
    o ia64: return PCI domain for pci_controller_num()

    Neil Brown:
    o knfsd: Lock client list while detaching locks
    o knfsd: Set d_op when creating a parent directory during nfsd fh->dentry conversion
    o knfsd: lockd fails to purge blocked NLM_LOCKs
    o Fix typo in umem.c
    o knfsd: Make sure nfs/tcp socket only gets closed
    o knfsd: Change name of a #define in nfsd to match 2.6
    o knfsd: Make sure nfsd replies from the address the request was sent to

    Oleg Drokin:
    o [2.4] Rocketport driver compile fix

    Paul Fulghum:
    o synclink update
    o synclinkmp update
    o synclink_cs update
    o n_hdlc update
    o synclink drivers fixup

    Paul Mackerras:
    o PPC32: Handle single-stepped emulated instructions correctly
    o PPC32: Fix for highmem on machines with 64-bit PTEs (e.g. PPC440)
    o PPC32: Simplify VMALLOC_START, make it just a variable
    o PPC32: Fix a typo in the PPC 440GP support
    o PPC32: Fix a bug where TLB entries didn't get execute permission on 40x

    Ralf Bächle:
    o avoid glibc conflict

    Seth Rohit:
    o ia64: use "hint @pause" in cpu_relax() and spinlock contention
    o ia64: patch to use >256MB purges
    o ia64: Restructure pt_regs and optimize syscall path
    o ia64: Correct .unwabi for PT_REGS_SAVES (should be "3, 'i'")

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o [BRIDGE]: Clear hw checksum flags when bridging

    Stéphane Eranian:
    o ia64: Fix perfmon usage of rum/srsm and sum/ssm

    Tom Rini:
    o PPC32: Add Magic SysRq support to MPC8260 platforms
    o PPC32: Minor bootwrapper fixups

    Tony Luck:
    o ia64: cleaning up the INIT code (Backported from 2.5 by Bjorn Helgaas)
    o ia64: Trim granules correctly in efi_memmap_walk()

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