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SubjectRe: SII SATA request size limit
Dnia pią 12. września 2003 12:41, Alan Cox napisał:
> On Gwe, 2003-09-12 at 03:57, Marcelo Penna Guerra wrote:
> > In recent kernels, the siimage driver limits the max kb per request size
> > to 15 (7.5kb). As I was having no problems with rqsize of 128 (64kb), I
> > decided to comment out this part of the code and my system is rock solid.
> It will depend what disks you have.
> > kernels, so people can try to see if it's stable. I really don't beleive
> > that I have such an unique hardware configuration, so this should benefit
> > other people.
> You can up it again at runtime.
I've lost some of mails about siimage on LKML, but Im' getting more and more
confused about 'hangs' probably caused by siimage driver. I was using 15
rqsize, now 128 - doesn't matter. It happens in random moments - sometimes at
boot time when drive is fscked, sometimes when I'm trying to copy large
amount of data and sometimes without any particular reason after several
hours. I've updated MB (a7n8x deluxe rev 2.0) BIOS but controller (which is
on-board) bios seems to be untouched (4.1.25 or so ). Is there any controller
BIOS update which I could miss? what can be other reason?
Witold Kręcicki (adasi) adasi [at]
GPG key: 7AE20871
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