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    SubjectRe: bttv bug

    On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 10:37:49PM +0100, Nuno Silva wrote:
    > Aaron Lehmann wrote:
    > >Can you reproduce it without the nvidia module and produce a call
    > >trace that doesn't include nvidia symbols?

    It seems to work even with the nvidia module loaded, but once I start X, it
    stops working. I thought that perhaps the patch to the nvidia kernel module
    for -test5 was broken, so I used my older 2.6 nvidia kernel module source
    and replaced the call to kdev_val() with MINOR() but that still did not fix
    the problem. I can cat /dev/video0 before starting X, but afterwards it
    says "Device or resouce busy", even after I kill X.

    > Yes, and then try bttv patches from
    > 2.6.0's bttv driver is misbehaving in my setup for ages... Try bytesex's
    > patches and report back, please.

    I tried this set of patches and it didn't do anything for me either.

    So am I pretty much on my own with this problem? Does anyone use a Bt878 card
    with an nvidia card under 2.6? It's strange that it used to work just fine,
    but after upgrading it stopped working. I might try downgrading later to
    -test4, but it would be unfortunate to have to run an earlier kernel without
    the VIA8237SATA chipset merged in =\

    I read somewhere that Nvidia cards do not support the overlay extension, but
    I had xawtv working just fine if I disabled Xv, and it worked even better if
    I used grabdisplay.
    Misha Nasledov
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